Indian Muneem Offers Best Outsourced Accounting Services

IM Business Model


Project Outsourcing Engagement Model

  •   Fixed Fee
  •   Per Hour
  •   Transaction Basis

Offshore Virtual Captive Centre

  • Our experienced outsource accounting experts work remotely and seamlessly integrating with your team as if they were on-site employees, adhering to your directives and project management.

Offshore Staffing Solutions

  • We assign a dedicated team of accountants as full-time employees exclusively devoted to the client. They collaborate closely with the client and work to meet the project requirements.

Fee sharing

  • In this model, we charge flat 25% of the fees in New Zealand and flat 22% of the fees in Australia.
  •   Hourly Based Model
  •   Transaction-Based Model
  •   Project / Fixed Price Model

Special Solutions

DLR (Director-Level Review)

With our DLR Accounting Service, you can aim to attain financial excellence with the best financial practices and the latest regulations and accounting principles.

Director level review

Small Business Owners

Looking to cultivate your business? Consider outsourcing your services to acquire access to cutting-edge technology and a dedicated 24/7 staff.


Part time CFO

Worried about the expense of hiring a full-time CFO? Don't fret! Opt for our cost-effective part-time CFO services to meet your needs without breaking the bank.

Showing CFO badge on coat’s pocket

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