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Services & Solutions

We at Indian Muneem, believe in offering you specialized and seamless accounting solutions that will empower you to focus on your core competencies.

Special Solutions

Indian Muneem will assist you in overcoming your financial and accounting challenges and providing you ease in making better-informed financial decisions.

Specialized Services for

We offer an extensive range of specialized Accounting Services catering to various countries as well as offer solutions for more tedious tasks such as financial statement preparations and tax reconciliation.

Our Process

We at Indian Muneem follow a four-step process to execute highly voluminous, complex and urgent work requirements of our clients, which is as follows:-

Job sent to us through

New jobs are notified to us through Email by our clients.

Clients give access to cloud/desktop-based accounting software:

Clients create credentials for the above-mentioned accounting software and give access to the source documents for commencing the job.

Work product is completed by team & delivered:

The Required jobs are completed by our team & any information/query is emailed to the client.

Final work product delivered after QC/QA:

After the queries, revisions, Amendments are settled; our QC/QA team delivers the final product/prepare the final draft.

Why Choose Us?

We are India’s most leading and preferred accounting outsourcing firm and excel in adding strategic value to our clients in the following ways:

  • Cost Advantage
  • Highest Level of Quality
  • Access to Best Talent
  • Strategic Value
  • Data Security
  • Flexibility
  • Decade of Experience and Expertise


Have a Project on Mind?

To test the waters: {our quality and turnaround time}, we gladly extend you a pilot project which can be executed as per your convenience, availability and need.

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