Quality Control

Quality is an integral part of our operational excellence & our Quality philosophy is a tangible expression of one of our core values. Indian Muneem follows a multipronged approach to maintain the quality of the work product.

Our Accounting Service Processes are Six Sigma driven with a high focus on quality to provide these outsourcing services right from inception to closure.

We have a separate quality team for Quality control consisting of senior and experienced CA/CPA’s, which are as under:

  • Quality Check Team
  • Quality Assurance Team
  • Quality Audit Team

Indian Muneem Our quality check team reviews the whole work as 100% and generates the deficiency report. In case the work produced has error more than 5% (less 95%) then one more quality check is carried out by another quality-control team. After the quality check is carried out, a senior management quality expert inspects the work product on a random and test basis.

The above two-level quality control is applied before the work product is delivered.

In addition to the above, our independent quality audit team internally as well as an external team undertakes a periodical monthly audit of the delivered project that further helps to continuously strengthen our quality control processes.

Quality service starts with the recruiting process and training. Indian Muneem invests in continuous training programmes that are conducted by our experienced trainers. We meet your standards and benchmarks in the course of our training programme.

Our improvement teams apply Six Sigma and ISO concepts to reduce defects and improve efficiency. By applying each stage of our continuous improvement process in a disciplined manner, we make changes in day-to-day business operations that align our processes and systems with your accounting needs.

Following is the accuracy percentage that Indian Muneem provides to its clients:

Project Meetings

After receiving the project, it is assigned either to a project manager or a team leader who acts as a single point of contact until the delivery of the project.

Periodical project meetings would be conducted to discuss project status or queries.

Indian Muneem


1. The intimation shall be given to the parties 48 hours before the scheduled project meeting.
2. The communication of the project meeting shall be given by the way of

  • By Skype /VOIP
  • By Video
  • By E-mail
  • By Teleconference
Indian Muneem

Complaint Handling

“Client Satisfaction is Our Prime Concern”

Indian Muneem has a dedicated complaint handling team, project manager & team leader who handles every client’s complaint.

  • The client will be provided with the contact details of the complaint officer who will be responsible to address all his complaints.
  • The complaint officer will act on each complaint within the same working day.
  • In case of an administrative complaint, the same will be resolved within the same working day.
  • In case of any technical complaint, the same will be sorted out within 2 working days.