Accounting and Tax Outsourcing Services for New Zealand

  • Bookkeeping service
  • Preparing financial statements
  • EOY Journal adjustments
  • General ledger scrutiny
  • Reconciliation of assets and liabilities at EOY
  • Preparation of cross-referenced working paper file (physical/scanned)
  • GST Reconciliation at EOY
  • Income Tax Reconciliation
  • Wages Reconciliation at EOY
  • Ledger & Fixed Assets Conversion to Xero/Myob/Xpa


We provide accounting services on Xero/Myob/Xpa, which is used by individual and business entities (customer) of our clients - CA/CPA Firms, Accounting Services Providers in New Zealand and Australia as their financial systems

Usually individual and business entities maintain the Requisite Tool by themselves but for some small customers we may also code the transactions – ordinarily these would be residential rental accounts etc.

Our Client use Tool work papers for creating the work papers on the annual jobs.

Our Client use Tool practice manager for their customer details, tax etc.

Our client use Office 365 SharePoint/Suite files/Drop Box and other similar tools for managing documents all held under a customer folder. This links with Outlook so our client can save their customer's emails during the year against the customer.

Expected turnaround time for work is calculated from the day we have all information that we need from our client.

Our client hold the subscription so that it is easy for them to create a login for us, and also give access to their systems so they have complete visibility over records.

Our Client also provide us with their internal accounts preparation operating procedure

Process of Transitioning Financial Statements & Tax Returns Preparation

  • Step 1: Providing of Access to Client’s Tool, Work papers and Workflow max for creation of Annual Accounts and Tax Returns.
  • Step 2:Providing of Access to IRD website (Client Specific) to download the Income Tax, GST Returns and Payee Returns documents.
  • Step 3: Providing of Access to ACC Levies website (if applicable) to download the ACC invoice and statements.
  • Step 4: Providing of Access to Client’s financial documents through shared drives; such as - Office 365, Suite files, Dropbox etc. to download source documents and to save the final documents after job completion.
  • Step 5: Scheduling of workflow (Excel Spreadsheet); monitoring the progress of the job assigned; individually – initiation to closure.
  • Step 6: Preparation of First Draft of the Financial Statements and Tax Return for Client Review.
  • Step 7: Client reviews the job and provide us with the feedback / review points / queries / go ahead to complete the job.
  • Step 8: Addressing the review points / feedback / queries (if any).
  • Step 9: In the final step, we complete the job and save all final documents in the client sharing drive.