Indian Muneem Academy

Indian Muneem

Continuous Education and Training to new Resources

Indian Muneem Academy helps its employees to nurture their skills & knowledge through continuous education & training that upgrades their range of human capabilities in this ever-changing world of technology. It further helps to improve their performance and efficiencies by keeping them aware of the latest developments in the accounting industry and the latest technology.

Our resources go through a rigorous capability building process that helps in developing their competence, knowledge, technical skills to stay updated and deliver the best out of best to their clients.

Certification Course – Creating Talent for Tomorrow

Indian Muneem helps aspiring Accounting professionals with structured training on domain knowledge, soft skills, process, and technical expertise to deliver end-to-end business solutions.

Indian Muneem Academy provides both training and certification courses to budding CA/CPA's as well as In-house accounting resources.

Certification Mechanism

We provide two-level certification courses to dynamic CA/CPA's/Accountants that help IM to deliver best of talent to meet its growing resource requirements.

  • 1. Basic
  • 2. Advance

The Certification Course includes the following:-

  • Classroom training: domain, soft skills, technical and process skills
  • Technology-assisted learning
  • Live Project Training
  • Self-learning
  • Peer knowledge sharing and mentoring
Indian Muneem

Research & Development

A dedicated research & development center is an important platform to keep IM updated to match with the changing landscape of accounting industry in a fast-growing Digital Era. Accounting Industry standards require actively embracing new ways of working. Our R&D center helps innovate and frame new ideas. This also helps to nurture and grow new processes and emerging services.

A rapid change in accounting principles, rules, regulations and increased scrutiny by regulatory authorities has changed the landscape of businesses. Our senior and experienced accounting research & analyst team keep doing extensive research on changing accounting regulatory environment and technological advancement in the accounting field to keep our accountants up–to-date with market standards.

Indian Muneem