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Virtual Accountant means an employee from India hired by us for you that works remotely with you from India instead of physically from your office in its home country under your total control and management. Virtual Accountant works for you and with you just like an employee who works from your office. Legally, Virtual Accountant is our employee but practically Virtual Accountant is part and parcel of your work force and extended department of yours in India.

Standard terms and conditions:
  • IM employee will work for 40 hrs.per Week, 8 hrs. per day and 1792 hrs. per annum
  • IM employee will be entitled to 36 holidays in a year, which statutory holidays which may subject to changes are according to law
  • The Standard working days will be from Monday to Friday.
  • Over time will be charged separately at the rate of per hour 50% more on the standard per hour charges**.
  • Upgrading of IM employee will be done by giving prior notice of two weeks.
  • Down grading of IM employee will be done by giving prior notice of three months.
  • Minimum charges per IM employee will be for three months.
  • IM fee will be paid in advance.
  • GST will be separate.