Business Model

Under this model, the client outsources a specific project to Indian Muneem in response to which, we deliver the work to them in a shorter turnaround time and with unmatched quality. Our early relationships relating to the delivery of the project continue to follow these models:

  • Fee Sharing Model

    Under this method, we charge fees ranging from 20% to 25% of the fees that is charged by our clients in New Zealand and 18% to 22% in the case of Australia.

  • Hourly Based Model

    Under this model, we charge as per the number of hours spent on the project.

  • Transaction-Based model

    Under this model, we charge based on the number of jobs allocated to us by the clients.

  • Project / Fixed Price model

    Under this model, we charge the Fixed Price for the Whole Project regardless of the number of hours spent.

Under this model, we provide 2 options (service model) as under:-


This is one of the engagement models, where we deploy a dedicated number of accountants as full-time staff that is exclusively dedicated to the client and work with them as per their project needs. We manage & execute the project and charge the client on the count of people that are deployed for them monthly.

Advantages of FTE
  • A dedicated team of accountants
  • Cost-Effective: The client can pay a fixed price monthly instead of paying per hour
  • Flexibility: Employees can be hired on Short Term or Long term basis, this gives you an authority to promote or demote any accountant as per your business needs
  • No additional Capital Expenditure
  • No dependability on in house staff in case there is a sudden increase in workload
  • Better control of FTE staff that ensures quality and on-time delivery
  • Saves time, efforts and money in sourcing, interviewing and recruiting onboard workforce – We have already done the hard work for you
  • Hassle-free Payroll management and other HR Management activities
  • No IT facility required - We will provide state-of-the-art IT Infrastructure with independent access that is totally under your control and at your disposal, this means you don’t need to invest any capital to set up requisite IT Facility.
  • No setup time required contrary to setting up of your own department or its expansion
  • Availability of Best of People and Talent at just a click of a mouse (available anytime as per your requirement)
  • No employee liabilities
  • Easy to execute
  • Dedicated FTE resource works under the supervision & guidance of senior experts


Expert and Experienced Accountant(s) hired and employed by us - operating remotely from India, under your total control and management. Virtual Accountant works for you just like any employee who works in your office. Legally, Virtual Accountant is our employee however; practically Virtual Accountant is part and parcel of your workforce and extended department. A virtual employee takes instructions from you and you manage and execute the project while we provide the infrastructure and support services. In other words, we co-manage the resource.